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How many forms of labor discipline? When can an employer fire an employee?

When the employee violates the ILR, depending on the severity of the violation, he / she shall be handled in one of the following forms:

– Reprimand;
– Renewal of wage increase period shall not exceed 06 months or dismissal;
– dismissed.

It should be noted that many forms of disciplinary action against an act of violation of labor discipline are not applied.
Dismissal is the most severe form of labor discipline applicable to employees in the following cases:

– Employees who commit acts of theft, embezzlement, gambling, intentionally causing injury or drug use within the workplace, disclosing business secrets, technological secrets, infringing upon intellectual property rights Of the employer;
– Employees who commit acts causing serious injury or threatening to cause particularly serious damage to the assets and interests of the employer;
– Employees who are disciplined or prolonged the period of wage increase but recidivism while being disciplined or disciplined; or

Recidivism is a case where the employee repeats a violation that has been disciplined but has not been disciplined in accordance with regulations.
– Employees voluntarily quit their jobs for 5 days in one month or 20 days in one year without a good reason.
– Cases deemed to be justified include: natural calamities, fires, oneself and relatives who are sick with the certification of competent medical examination and treatment establishments and other cases as prescribed. Internal rules of labor.