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08:25 | 09-04-2017
2010-11: CECODES participated in a study funded by the World Bank, Danish Embassy and Swedish Embassy on forms and scales of corruption in land management. The study is based on field work done in 5 provinces and offers recommendation to reduce corruption related to land management. The research results were published in the Anti-corruption Dialog 2010 between donors and the Vietnamese government. Click here for more details 2010-2011: CECODES collaborated with Towards Transparency, DIAL and Live & Learn to conduct a research on Youth Integrity in Vietnam. The research surveyed over 1000 young people and 500 adults in 11 provinces in the country about their attitudes, value system, behavior and influencing factors in respect of integrity and corruption. The study will be replicated in other countries by Transparency International. Click here for more details 2008 - 2010: CECODES collaborated with the Department of Democracy and ... Readmore