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Civil society

12:24 | 09-04-2017
In 2005 – 2006, UNDP and SNV funded VIDS and CECODES to conduct the project “The Emerging Civil Society - An Initial Assessment of Civil Society in Vietnam”. The study was based o­n the methodology outlined by CIVICUS, an international alliance of NGOs based in South Africa, which has framed a global project to assess civil society in more than 50 countries. The methodology for the project is based o­n a framework of 74 indicators, divided into four dimensions of civil society: structure, environment, values and impact. The study was groundbreaking as it was the first comprehensive study o­n civil society in Vietnam and even until now serves as an authoritative source o­n civil society and its engegament with the state in Vietnam. In 2006 – 2007 CECODES carried out the project “Community-driven Regulation: Tool for Environmental Conflict Resolution Focusing o­n Landfills in Vietnam”, supported by SAREC and ... Readmore